A licensed home day care in North Plainfield


Providing excellent care in a loving and

accepting environment for over 26 years


     I am a licensed provider in Heritage Meadows in North Plainfield. I have been in business for 27 years and I hold a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. My kids enjoy a preschool and toddler curriculum, hot nutritious meals and lots of hands on activities in a loving, safe environment. I build a community through parent communication, newsletters and calendars. Lunch menus are posted daily. Open communication between parents, children and myself are valued and encouraged at all times.

   I typically only take one infant at a time so that every infant in my care gets the love and attention they deserve. Infant slots are on a first come first serve basis. Call for availability. 

   My kids stay with me from infant to school years.


All of the learning that takes place here is secondary to the relationship between caregiver and child. I love that I get to know each child well enough to know when they just need a hug or a little time by themselves. In addition to being a fun place, day care should feel safe to your child; a place where they can be themselves and not be judged or singled out. Building confidence and emotional development is just as important to me as learning letters and numbers.

Using positive reinforcement builds and models self help skills. It's easier for a child to learn and comprehend when they feel good about themselves and the relationship they have between their friends and caregiver.



About Me

I am a year round facility that provides full or part time care for full year, summer or school year only. Bus service is available to Freedom Elementary.. I work with parents to provide the best care possible. Using monthly newsletters and calendars, I strive to create a community atmosphere where parents are involved and kept up to date about what we are doing. I align my program with the State of Illinois Early Childhood State Learning Standards. We use thematic play because it allows children to construct their own knowledge and use all domains (Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Small and Large Motor) to develop a life long love of learning. 




Learning should be fun and hands on. The more interested a child is in the activity, the more connections they make.

Candy Science!

We examine and explore leftover Halloween candy. It's one of our absolute favorite activities!! We pull it, soak it, examine it under a magnifying glass, watch it change color, shrink and soften. Using real science equipment like beakers, test tubes and droppers gives the kids a real world experience and keeps their curiosity peeked.

  • Quality Curriculum
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Loving Environment
  • A place where

kids can be kids!


Our toy room is filled with puzzles,craft materials, literacy activities, a writing center and lots or building materials and manipulatives to engage and enrich your child.



 Halloween Pizza!

Cooking teaches math, science and social skills. Measuring, adding,stirring and turn taking promote skills that will be used all through their lifetime.




Apple Predictions.

 We drop apple pieces in different solutions and predict what will happen.

 We used vinegar, water, and salt water.

These are just a few samples of the hands on activities that take place here.

By using the interest of the child and combining it with authentic experiences,

 children learn naturally by being engaged and involved.